Address Information

The Address Information is collected in a standard format in LEERS.

Address Update Window

Enter the House # assigned to the Address. Do not record a R.R. number or P.O. box.

Enter the Apartment # if applicable. If there is no apartment or suite number associated with this Address, leave the item blank.

If the Street name has a direction as a prefix, select the prefix in the list labeled Pre-directional.

Example: South Main Street. Select the pre-direction as S.

If there is no pre-direction, leave this space blank.



Enter the Street name of the Address.

Do not enter a R.R. number.

For Street Name, only the characters A through Z,0 through 9, the forward slash (/) , space ( ), apostrophe ('), and dash (-) may be entered.


Select the Street Designator from the provided list.

If the Street name has a direction after the name, select the suffix in the list labeled Post-directional.

Example: Walker Street NW. Select NW in the post-directional space.

If there is no post-direction, leave this space blank.

Select the Country from the drop-down list. If the selected Country is United States or Canada then the State/Territory/Province list is populated with values related to the chosen Country. For any other Country, enter the State/Territory/Province in the box, if applicable. If State is not applicable for the country selected, leave this item blank.

Select the State/Territory/Province from the drop-down list. If the selection is a State or Territory belonging to United States, the Parish/County list is populated with appropriate values related to the chosen State or Territory. For any other State,Territory or Province, enter the Parish/County in the box if applicable.

Select the Parish/County from the drop-down list. For a value selected from the Parish/County list, the City list is populated with appropriate values related to the chosen Parish/County. For any other Parish/County, enter the City in the respective box.

Enter the ZIP Code in the respective box. If the Country selected is United States, the ZIP code has to be 5 or 9 numeric characters. ZIP Plus Four codes can be entered as one string, or with a dash (-) separating the last 4 digits.

If the Address is within United States, the State/Territory, Parish/County, City and ZIP code fields are mandatory.

If the Address is within Canada, the Province and City fields are mandatory.

For any other Address oustside United States and Canada, only the City field is mandatory.

Once the required address information has been entered, click the Update button to save the address for the respective party. Click Cancel to leave the update window, and return to the data entry screen without saving any address information. Click Clear to erase any information that has been entered and remain in the address update window.